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Sunday, April 27, 2014


We are by nature optimists. We believed that we could afford our homes because we believed in the promise of America. Better jobs! Better economy! We were evolving. Why shouldn’t we expect a better world? This is the year 2014! We were supposed to be flying around in our own personal transporters, and sipping from the pools of Io. We didn't count on greed and broken promises to burst our bubble. If blame we must, then make certain to cast it where it rightfully belongs. Follow the money! Don’t overlook our American dynasties whose humble beginnings were little different from that of today's drug king pins. Recognizing the root cause for this demonic paradigm is a necessary component of the healing process. However, our time would be better spent seeking solutions and consensus. The fundamental social unit: the family, needs to remain sheltered in their own homes...healthy, warm and nourished. Even the banks aren't fully satisfied by evictions and foreclosures.

People aren't just "slipping through the cracks,"...they're being thrown into the abyss of apathy and Schadenfreude! We need to "stop feeding the beast." It is insatiable and grows ever more ravenous while the larder grows empty, and the walls built to contain it (the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights) are rapidly succumbing to the ravages of time, indifference, and reinterpretation. (“Let’s see…Here’s what they really meant.”) A tax revolt would send a strong message, but who wants to be the first nail to get hammered down? A “Boston Tea Party” just couldn't take place in today’s America.  We do, however, need to resist blaming the victim. 

Make no mistake about it; while "They" get a bail-out from our government and foreign banks, the financial industries continue to deny their own culpability for this financial and social mess. (“Teaser mortgage and credit card rates” suddenly escalating to 30% for those who could least afford it! Give me a break!) More victim fodder for the beast! How about a bail-out for the American people who shouldered all of this. Blood on foreign soils! Sweat in undercompensated and disappearing jobs! And Tears as their families go cold and hungry! We need an immediate injunction on all residential foreclosures. We need to immediately abandon all redundant and/or unnecessary overseas "outposts" and reinvest right here, at home. America is mortally wounded and needs to convalesce.

America has never been in such mortal danger as we are now facing, while the hordes continue to flood through our gates. "Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies- Thomas Jefferson" Right on the money! Greed and privilege! Who's watching out for us?