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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tolerance And Free Speech! Or The Lack Thereof

Anger and frustration stem from having been marginalized by the never ending phalanx of one group after another seeking to have their own agendas supersede, or take priority over another's. This is the challenge of America, and we had best learn to communicate honestly, and without reservations if we are to survive as one nation...indivisible!

Our antagonism for one another is not limited to the melanin content of one's skin, but just how "thin" that skin is. Our tolerance, or intolerance for constructive dialog with our fellow Americans has been usurped by a political correctness that is pervasive! It smells like dog poop, but is carried proudly by the uninformed and the politically motivated, and it stinks even more as it is flagrantly, and fragrantly wafted under the nose of the few remaining free thinkers among us. Like startled deer in the headlights, all of this has served to render us paralyzed with fear, and apathetic to our own demise.  

Words can be offensive, and have been unwisely uttered in frustration, but, nevertheless formulated out of a realization that our nation is rapidly declining toward ignominy. We are "The Great American experiment" in pluralism and multi-culturalism, and we are too far down that road to turn back. But, we had best learn to listen carefully to the cries of "foul!" and "equal justice" emanating from ALL Americans lest we become a society of the chronically impaired and the terminally divided...and so we fall! Tolerance is not a one way street. Even more important than tolerance is a social awareness and a courage to stand up to a group dynamic that threatens to silence constructive dialog with the knotted gag, and mantra: "Sins of the Father!" All serving as a fallacious monolith of psycho-babble...creating a diversion and thus shielding the plundering of our communal larder by those who would purport to serve us. 

When I see the children of European heritage eagerly shedding the vestiges of their own culture for those of another, I am deeply disturbed and justifiably concerned for our future. Self flagellation is never a good thing...not by an individual, and certainly not by an entire culture. How can we have mutual respect for each other when we are being indoctrinated by those who would force us to drink from a trough of shame...shame for who knows what anymore. It doesn't seem to matter, as long as we are brought to humiliation! 

Language, and Art! They can unify, or they can divide. But allow one culture to overwhelm another by means of neo-doctrines borne out of the cries for "Reconquista" or "Reparations"...??? Nah!!! I don't think so! We will never live constructively in the present and build a better future if we continue to navigate in the past.